hello, there

My name is Marco Bertoncini. I'm a thirtysomething guy from sunny Bovisa, Milan, Italy.

I'm an information architect; I mainly work in the area of intersection between technology, code, UX/UI design, and content.

I am Chief information and design officer at Santagostino, a healthcare provider with clinics mostly situated in northern Italy.

This is bertonc, my personal website. It is pronounced bɛr • ton • tʃ, with a soft c at the end (as in "ciao").

    It is meant to be:

  • an imperfect visit card (bio ita+eng)
  • a portfolio+repository for some of my personal projects (coming soon)
  • home for some of my writings in italian, when I have time to polish and publish them (here)

If you'd like to drop me a line: me [at] bertonc.it.

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